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Businesses need to meet with their accountant at least annually, if not quarterly.  For the accountant to give you accurate advice, your  business’s books need to be correct and up-to-date.  It is best to do the bookkeeping each week or each month, depending on the number of transactions.   If a question arises, MainStreet will work with your accounting firm to get issues taken care of and questions answered.

Do you know what bills you have and when each of them is due?  You can make wiser decisions when you have the whole picture.  We can help organize your bills and keep track of them so they can be paid on time to avoid late charges and issues with vendors.  If cash flow is tight, it is even more critical to have a handle on your Accounts Payable. Let MainStreet Business Services take away the stress today.

Invoicing is crucial to a business.  If invoices don’t go out, money doesn’t come in!  We will help you get your invoices out in a timely fashion.  But it doesn’t stop there.  To make sure you know EXACTLY what your customers owe, we prepare an Aging Summary. With this information, we can advise which customers need additional notices and who needs a friendly follow-up or collection efforts. You can be involved in each step along the way or, once we agree on how you want the Receivables handled, you can let MainStreet handle the stress!

Unfortunately, bank reconciliation is a task that often gets put off until “some other time.”  It’s important to keep these done to ensure that all transactions are entered and expensed correctly.  Credit cards are frequently handled incorrectly or not handled at all.  We can make sure all accounts are reconciled monthly – checking, savings, and credit cards.  These can be done on site or remotely.

Is payroll overwhelming for you?  We recommend using a payroll service.  There are many reputable ones available.  We can recommend one for you.  But even using a payroll service doesn’t do away with every payroll-related task.  Many business owners don’t want to deal with time sheets and figuring out the hours.  We will figure the hours and submit them for you, whether by phone or online.

Email newsletters are a great way to contact your customers.  Are you running a special on a product or service?  Do you need to let people know about deadlines or recalls?  Whether informational in nature or to boost sales, we can help you keep in touch.

A printed letter can often be the first impression the recipient has of the sender.  Knowing what to say is half of the impression.  The visual presentation is the other.  MainStreet Business Services can take what you want to say and make sure it looks professional.  And that makes YOU look GOOD!

It is very important for any business that collects Florida Sales Tax to file and pay those funds in a timely fashion.  We can help you do this to avoid costly penalties. By giving you a reminder or taking care of the filing for you, we can minimize or eliminate this headache.

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