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The "Street" behind MainStreet Business Services is Esther Street. Esther has been providing office administrative services for over 30 years. Her career has spanned many different type of businesses including retail, service businesses, schools, churches and local government.


After many years of working in different types of office environments, she recognized that many business need someone to do "Just What You Need" and not another full or part-time employee. Out of that need, MainStreet Business Services was born in 2013. She has been providing freelance and virtual administrative and bookkeeping services ever since. In addition to her administrative skills, Esther is also well versed in QuickBooks and with Florida Sales Tax filings.

When she's not helping local businesses, Esther stays busy with her family, volunteering at her church, and being a grandmother to 5 beautiful little ones.

Esther Street


Juliane Street

Virtual Office Expert

What do you do when you need expert office administrative help but you don't  have an "Office" or are limited on space?  Call Juliane, the MainStreet Business Virtual Office Expert. She can remotely provide professional administrative services with such skill, you will think she's right next door.


Virtual Office Services include:

  • QuickBooks set up and entry

  • Billing/Invoicing

  • Correspondence

  • Bank Statement Reconciliation

  • Employee Payment Management (Time Sheets)

Plus much more! Juliane also stays very busy being a mom and wife.

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